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cashing in on used cars

I have been picking up used cars for very little money for several years. I take those cars and put a little money into them to bring up the value and then sell them for a nice little profit. Is this something that interests you? If so, go to my blog. Here, you will find many tips that will improve the appearance of a used vehicle to increase the value of it and make it an easier car to sell. It is my hope that all of my experience can help others find a way to make a little extra money selling used cars after restoring them.

cashing in on used cars


3 Reasons To Use Military Specification Coating On Your Business's Fleet

When it comes to painting your business's fleet, you have many paint options to choose from. One choice that you should seriously consider is military specification coatings, more commonly referred to as Mil-Spec coatings. The U.S. military may use them, but this type of coating is not limited to military use. Mil-Spec coating can be purchased from a supplier and used for non-military usage as well. It offers many advantages over other topcoat options, which makes it worthwhile to consider for your business fleet.

5 Signs Of Post-Collision Suspension Damage

A minor fender bender collision may not cause major body damage, but there could be hidden damage to your car's suspension. Knowing the signs of suspension issues can help ensure you get the right repair.  1. Pulling  If the car seems to pull to one side as you drive or the wheel simply won't stay straight even though the road doesn't curve, then you may have a suspension problem. Your mechanic will first rule out tire issues, as sometimes worn tires lead to pulling.

5 Questions To Ask Your Auto Repair Shop

Damage to your car from an accident means you need to take the car in for repairs. Ask the following questions to make sure you get the auto collision repair you need. 1. Is the Work Warrantied? It's vital that a shop backs up its work with a warranty on the parts and labor. This protects you in the event something goes wrong. It's also important that the work doesn't compromise any manufacturer or dealer warranties on your vehicle.