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cashing in on used cars

3 Reasons To Use Military Specification Coating On Your Business's Fleet

by Lorenzo Lambert

When it comes to painting your business's fleet, you have many paint options to choose from. One choice that you should seriously consider is military specification coatings, more commonly referred to as Mil-Spec coatings. The U.S. military may use them, but this type of coating is not limited to military use. Mil-Spec coating can be purchased from a supplier and used for non-military usage as well. It offers many advantages over other topcoat options, which makes it worthwhile to consider for your business fleet.  

Reason #1: Moisture Protection 

You can't keep your business vehicles out of the rain and snow. They will get wet, and if you live somewhere with snow, your vehicles will be exposed to salt and other deicing agents as well. 

Mil-Spec coatings are specifically designed to help deal with exposure to moisture. They are designed to protect the metal frame of our vehicle from rust and corrosion, no matter how much moisture it is exposed to. If you want your vehicles to be less prone to rust and corrosion, which can cripple your fleet, you are going to want to apply a Mil-Spec coating to them. It will help provide your vehicles with maximum protection against the elements. 

Reason #2: Chemical Protection 

Next, your business fleet can encounter a range of chemicals and fluids during normal operations. Gas and oil can get spilled on them. Salt and deicing agents from the road can get splattered upon them. If you drive through any industrial settings, the chemicals from the industrial usage can get splashed upon the vehicle. No matter what chemicals your cars come across, they should be able to withstand the contact without getting damaged, as Mil-Spec coatings are designed to resist damage from chemicals. 

Reason #3: Durable 

When you paint your business vehicles, you want the paint job to last. You don't want your business fleet driving around with chipped paint; that doesn't look good and will create a poor impression of your business for anyone that sees your vehicles driving around.  

Mil-Spec coating is designed to be durable. It is designed to last under the harshest conditions, so it should be able to easily handle the conditions your business vehicles will encounter without getting damaged.  

If you want to apply a coating designed to protect your vehicle against moisture and chemicals and is going to be durable for the long term, you will want to find a supplier that can provide you with Mil-Spec coating which does all these things and more.  

Contact a Mil-Spec coating supplier for more information.