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cashing in on used cars

Three Signs Of Possible Car Frame Damage

by Lorenzo Lambert

A car frame's importance cannot be overemphasized since it supports mechanical components, body panels, and external loads. Moreover, the structure protects occupants. However, factors beyond your control, such as auto collisions, can damage a car frame and put you at risk.

Exercise due diligence and look for signs of car frame damage after an accident. If you suspect frame impairment, take precautionary measures to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, some motorists don't know car frame damage signs and continue using their vehicles despite the danger. This post highlights signs of possible car frame damage after an accident.

1. Poorly Fitting Panels

Car manufacturers use unibody construction today and produce the frame and body as a single unit. Therefore, a collision that distorts the frame will likely affect the body panels. As such, inspect the seams around doors, windows, trunk, and hood for evenness and call an auto body technician if the parts don't fit seamlessly.

Take your vehicle for frame inspection and repair if the front doors stick out or require excessive force to shut to avoid mishaps, such as a door popping open unexpectedly on a highway. Additionally, body panel issues expose interior components to dust, water, and other debris, which might lead to deterioration. Therefore, repair frame damage promptly to restore your car's structural integrity and safety.

2. Visible Bends

Car body bends are the clearest indication of possible frame damage. Therefore, look for potential warping on your vehicle after an accident. Additionally, inspect the underside for frame or chassis distortions. However, let experts examine a car's underbelly after a serious accident because of frame instability.

Treat minor collisions judiciously when inspecting a car's body for bends. While superficial dings might seem innocuous, they could indicate underlying frame damage. Generally, take your vehicle for frame inspection and repair when you notice distortions like bends and dents on or under the vehicle.

3. Strange Noises

While different issues can cause unusual car sounds, most motorists are unaware of the link between frame damage and strange noises. Consequently, some car owners resort to DIY repairs to address the problem, but with no success. Additionally, some drivers consider weird clatters harmless and ignore repairs as long as a car drives fine.

Strange noises typically arise from car panels and parts with an incorrect fit, making frame damage a possible source. For example, a distorted window pillar causes the glass to rattle against the door frame while driving. Therefore, pay attention to creaks, squeaks, and clunks and contact a car body expert to rule out or repair frame damage.

The structural integrity of a car frame is vital for safety and performance. Therefore, a thorough inspection and immediate repairs are crucial after an accident.

To learn more, contact an auto accident repair service in your area.