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cashing in on used cars

3 Car Collision Repair Myths You Should Ignore

by Lorenzo Lambert

Though no one looks forward to getting involved in a car crash, sometimes these accidents are unavoidable. Vehicle accidents can leave you with physical injuries and also cause extensive damage to your vehicle. Therefore, dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful and confusing. At such moments, understanding the truth about car collision repairs will ensure you take the right steps and make the right decisions. Otherwise, you might fall prey to myths about repairs following an auto collision. Here are a few myths you should not believe when seeking collision repair services.

1. You Can Only Visit Insurance-Approved Services

After being involved in a car crash, one of the biggest myths you will encounter is that you can only seek repair services at collision repair centers approved by your insurance company. Though some companies recommend certain auto repair shops, you are not obligated to choose from this list. You can select a collision repair shop you are comfortable with and trust for flawless results. However, ensure that the collision repair services you choose accept insurance payment. Remember that settling a claim when working with third-party auto repair services may take longer than using the repair services approved by your insurance provider. 

2. Most Auto Body Issues Cannot Be Fixed

Sometimes the damage to your vehicle's frame may be too extensive that you assume the only option is to sell it as scrap and buy another car. However, most modern vehicles have a repairable body with several parts you can replace. Also, professionals have the right tools and skills to handle extensive car frame damage. Therefore, as long as you're working with skilled and experienced professionals, your car can look as good as new in no time. 

3. The Repair Cost Will Always Be Settled By the Insurer

The amount that your insurance company pays for the collision repairs depends on your policy. Therefore, it is essential to read the fine print and discuss your policy details with your insurance company before you sign the papers. For instance, if you take collision coverage, your insurance will only cover damages caused by the car crash but won't cover any pre-existing damages. Sometimes, the amount your insurance pays will depend on your deductible. So, though a higher deductible means paying lower premiums, you might pay a significant amount for collision repairs from your pocket. Consult your insurance before you seek collision repairs for a smooth experience.

You will likely gather tips and advice from people after your car crash. However, it is crucial to do some research to distinguish the myths from the truth. That way, you will know the proper steps to avoid making costly mistakes.

Reach out to an auto collision repair shop to learn more.