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cashing in on used cars

Have A Collision? What To Expect With Your Auto Body Collision Repair Services

by Lorenzo Lambert

When you get into a car accident, your car is going to have to be repaired. This is where your auto body collision repair services come into play. If you know what to expect when it comes to auto repairs, you'll be able to anticipate the costs and time associated with those repairs. You'll also be able to have some input as to what is critical and what is optional to get your car back to great condition again.

Before you choose any auto body collision repair services to work on your car, talk to your auto insurance company. You want to know what the value of your vehicle is estimated at by your auto insurance company so your repair estimates don't exceed this amount. You also want to know what your deductible is for collision repairs so you can have your out-of-pocket expenses ready. Here are things to expect with the collision repairs you need.

A new paint job

Your car will need to be painted in order to remove the dings and dents in your car as well as make the replaced parts match the rest of your car. Your auto body collision repair services company will color match your car's paint job to the best of their ability, or they will choose an all-over paint color if you have a custom paint job that is hard to match.

Aftermarket replacement parts

If your car is valued at a certain amount following the wreck, the job of your auto body collision repair services company you choose is to make the repairs as cost-effective as possible. This means some of the parts you'll get on your car will be aftermarket, and these parts will only be ordered if the existing parts — like your hood, doors, or trunk lid — cannot be repaired without costing too much in time or labor.

Time to restore

Ask your auto insurance company about getting a rental car while your vehicle is getting repaired because it may take time to restore your vehicle by your auto collision repair service company. Your repair specialist may have to wait for parts, or a paint job can take some time to complete. You'll get an estimated date of completion, but don't rush your auto body collision repair services specialist when it comes to repairing your vehicle. If you cannot be without your vehicle for a few days at a time, make arrangements for other transportation until your vehicle is ready to go.

For more information about auto body collision repair services, contact a local repair shop.