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cashing in on used cars

3 Suggestions To Afford Your Auto Body Repair Costs

by Lorenzo Lambert

Do you have a vehicle that was damaged in a minor accident and now needs repairs? Are you responsible for paying the full cost of repairs because your insurance simply won't cover it? Plenty of people have liability-only insurance because it's cheaper. Unfortunately, this means that if you do get into an accident then you are facing a potentially high repair bill to fix your vehicle. When money is already tight, this can be a frustrating turn of events. But there is good news; there are a number of ways that you can have the repair bill reduced to something that is more easily afforded. These include:

Multiple estimates: Assuming your vehicle can still be driven, it is absolutely in your best interest to take your vehicle to at least three shops before agreeing to have any work done on it. The shops might charge you a nominal fee for such an inspection to tell you how much the engine and/or auto body repair will cost, but that fee is an investment in savings. The difference between two different shops might be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of the damage and what they are planning to do to repair the damage. Never choose the very highest or the very lowest estimates, always go with one in the middle to avoid poor quality work or being overcharged for labor.

Travel further: For the sake of convenience, people tend to want to leave their vehicle at an auto body repair shop as close as possible to where they live or work. There's nothing wrong with convenience but you could be paying for that with a higher bill. More convenient shops tend to have higher rents and will raise their prices accordingly. By taking your vehicle to a shop that's a few miles further, you could have to pay a few tens of dollars extra in cab fare while saving hundreds on the repair bill.

Ask about payments: Not every auto body repair shop is going to accept payment on work that they do but a lot of them will. They understand that you can't work without a car but you might not have the full amount to cover the cost of repairs right now. Depending on the shop, they may be willing to split the bill into three or four payments as long as you are able to put money down now and can leave valid credit or debit card information to be charged on the agreed-upon dates.

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