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cashing in on used cars

3 Tips For Collision Repair When Your Car Is Aluminum

by Lorenzo Lambert

Car manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make the vehicles they produce safer and more efficient. One of the newest strategies to emerge in recent years is the use of aluminum during construction. Passenger vehicles have traditionally been made from steel, but aluminum can offer some unique benefits. It is lightweight and resistant to corrosion, which helps with fuel economy and longevity.

Collision repairs for an aluminum car can be a challenge. You will need to use extra care when finding a shop that can remove dents and dings from your aluminum vehicle's exterior.

1. Choose a shop with the right equipment.

It's important to understand that the basic physical and chemical properties of aluminum and steel differ. Most auto body shops are set up to work with steel, so you will need to search for a shop that has the right equipment to make repairs on a vehicle with an aluminum frame.

Ask the body shop if they have separate tools for steel and aluminum to prevent corrosion. Access to riveting tools will also be required to make body repairs. If the shop has the right equipment, they will be able to safely make repairs.

2. Choose a shop with certified technicians.

When you need to get some body work completed on your aluminum car, partner with a shop that employs certified technicians. A certified technician is required to undergo a minimum amount of ongoing training with major vehicle manufacturers each year.

This training ensures that the technicians will be familiar with the latest design trends and be able to navigate the repair process with ease. A technician without advanced training may not be able to repair your vehicle to the manufacturer's specifications, which can compromise your warranty in the future.

3. Choose a shop with a quick turnaround.

The last thing you want is to be left without access to a vehicle for a significant amount of time. You should inquire about turnaround times if you are taking your vehicle in for body work. Reputable shops understand the importance of a quick turnaround and will be able to have your vehicle ready in a matter of days.

You can look for a shop that has more than one dedicated aluminum bay, or even a separate building for aluminum repairs. The presence of multiple bays allows your vehicle to be worked on at the same time as other vehicles that are in for repairs, meaning it can be finished more quickly. A quick turnaround will reduce your potential rental car costs and the inconvenience of being left without a vehicle.

If your car needs repairs or body work completed because of an accident, contact a collision repair service near you.