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cashing in on used cars

Repairing Truck Accident Damage: The Four Most Common Issues Fixed

by Lorenzo Lambert

Commercial fleet trucks are heavy duty enough that they can easily survive an accident with passenger vehicles. That does not mean, however, that they can drive away without some damage. The following three types of accident damage are the most common for commercial trucks. 

Truck Frame Straightening

Some accidents involving commercial trucks result in bent truck frames. Commercial fleet repair mechanics go to work, straightening the frame and restoring it to its pre-accident condition. This may require a complete replacement of metal parts, or removing the parts and bending or hammering them back into shape. If the damage to the truck frame is severe enough, the frame parts will definitely have to be replaced.


Alignments are of primary importance after a truck has been in an accident. Accidents can cause the alignment to go off-course, creating the perfect storm for additional accidents in the future. If one of your fleet trucks has recently been in an accident, make sure that the alignment is tested and corrected right away.


These massive commercial trucks are nothing if their wheels, tires, and suspension are not in perfect condition. If you have the alignment fixed, you definitely need the suspension checked, too. The suspension is the entire wheel drive system. Going over large objects in the road, getting hit with giant boulders in a rock slide, or having other drivers hit your commercial trucks with enough force to move them sideways really screws up the suspension.


If your driver reports that it was difficult to stop on time, thus creating an accident, the problem may be the brakes. Most of these trucks operate on an air brake system, which utilizes compressed air. Leaks in the compressed air components cause the brakes to fail. Failing or failed air brakes are dangerous for both your drivers and the other drivers on the road. If you suspect that the brakes are to blame for the accident, have them checked and repaired.

Take the Truck Straight to a Commercial Fleet Repair Shop

Whatever the accident damage is, take the vehicle directly to a commercial fleet repair shop. Do not take it to a standard mechanic or basic auto body shop unless you want to wait a long time or find out that the job cannot be done by that shop. Always take your fleet trucks to fleet truck specialists, such as at Florida Truck & Trailer CO, to make sure the job is done correctly the first time.