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cashing in on used cars

Going To An Auto Body Repair Shop After A Collision

by Lorenzo Lambert

Did a collision leave your car in a workable condition but with a large amount of body damage? Depending on the type of damage that was done, you might be putting your safety at risk by driving your vehicle without any repairs being done. It is in your best interest to visit an auto body shop to improve the appearance of your vehicle, and also to replace any important parts that are damaged. This article covers a few of the services that the technicians at an auto body repair shop can provide.

Inspect Auto Body Parts for Damage

If you have noticed that any of your doors are more difficult to open and close after the collision, an auto body technician can repair them. You don't want to end up with a door falling off of your vehicle while you are driving. Stuck doors can also be a safety hazard, such as if you need to quickly exit the vehicle. Your vehicle will basically be inspected to make sure body parts such as the bumper, mirrors, hood, and other parts are in good shape.

Remove Dents That Are in the Aluminum

If there are numerous dents in the aluminum body of your car, auto body technicians can remove them on your behalf. Stud welding equipment can be used for repairing dents. A technician will place metal studs in the dent and weld them into the dent. He or she will then places objects known as pulling loops on the studs that will make lifting the dent up easier. The aluminum dented area will be heated up before the dent is lift up.

Repair Windows If They Are Damaged

Windows are an important aspect of the body of a car. They keep you inside of the vehicle, and prevent outside elements from getting in. However, the windshield is actually important for the structural integrity of your car because it aids with keep the roof in a stable and upright position. A technician can replace or repair any of the windows that are in need of work.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

After your auto body has been repaired, any areas that are in need of paint will be worked on. A technician like Custom Kar Tops can find a paint color that matches yours identically. Old paint will then be removed so priming can be done. The new coat of paint will then be applied to give your vehicle a nice appearance.