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cashing in on used cars

A Few Auto Body Repair Questions Addressed

by Lorenzo Lambert

When your car's exterior suffers serious damage, it is important for you to have this problem addressed. Yet, this may be an aspect of car ownership that you do not have much experience handling. If you are unsure of what to expect or how to proceed with repairing your car, you might benefit from having the following few auto body repair questions addressed.

Can You Choose Which Repair Shop To Use?

There is a common concern among some individuals that the insurance company will dictate which repair provider that they can use to fix their car. While this may seem like it would make logical sense, you'll be relieved to learn that you will be able to choose the provider that you want to use. However, it is common for insurance companies to provide a list of recommended or preferred auto body collision repair services. These providers have often been inspected by the insurance company to ensure that they provide quality repairs and customer service.

Do You Really Need To Have Minor Dents And Scratches Repaired?

Some individuals may assume that a minor dent or scratch is not a serious problem for their car's exterior. Yet, these problems can often lead to severe corrosion damage if they are left unchecked. It is possible for the paint to be chipped or cracked, which can allow moisture to seep under it. When this happens, it is only a matter of time before the car's exterior starts rusting. Once rust forms, it will be necessary to remove it before sealant and fresh paint can be applied. If the rust is fairly minor, this can be done by simply sanding it away before applying a sealant and coat of paint. When the rust is severe, it may be necessary to replace the damaged panel, which can greatly complicate the repair process and increase the costs of restoring the damage.

Does It Matter When You Wash Or Wax Your Car's New Paint?

After your car has been repaired, you may be tempted to wash and wax the fresh pain to help keep it looking great. However, you will need to be careful doing this work because fresh paint can be easily damaged until it has fully cured and bonded to the car's exterior. The entire curing process can take several weeks, and you will want to make sure that you only hand wash the car during this time, and you will want to avoid using wax because this can prevent the paint from properly curing by trapping moisture in it. While hand washing your car and avoiding applying wax may seem somewhat inconvenient, it can be more than worth it to keep your car's new paint safe until it has fully cured.