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cashing in on used cars

3 Ways Regular Auto Maintenance Can Reduce Your Chances of Needing Collision Repair

by Lorenzo Lambert

Being involved in an accident that leaves your car in need of collision repair can be costly. If you are hoping to limit your collision repair costs to paint touch-ups or minor dent repairs during the next year, it can be beneficial to invest in regular vehicle maintenance.

Here are three ways that maintaining your car can help you reduce your chances of being involved in a collision in the future.

1. Replacing burned-out blinker bulbs can help other drivers avoid hitting your vehicle.

Being able to anticipate the move a fellow driver will make can be beneficial when it comes to reducing the number of collisions that occur on the nation's roadways each day. Blinkers play an essential role in identifying your intentions to the drivers around you.

If you fail to replace a blinker bulb that has burned out, you could increase the risk of being hit by another driver. Replacement bulbs can be purchased from your local auto parts store and will help you prevent the need for major collision repairs in the future.

2. Replacing worn windshield wipers can increase your visibility in adverse weather.

Sometimes a crash occurs because you are unable to see a stopped vehicle in time to stop your own car's forward momentum. With visibility playing such an important role in accident prevention, having a good set of windshield wipers installed on your car at all times is a must.

On average, windshield wiper blades should be replaced every six months to one year, but if you begin to notice a decline in your visibility during adverse weather then you may need to invest in new windshield wipers sooner. Doing something as simple as keeping fresh windshield wiper blades on your vehicle at all times can help you reduce the amount of money you spend on major collision repairs each year.

3. Replace worn tires.

Keeping fresh tires on your vehicle is essential when it comes to safe driving. Worn tires can be a contributing factor when it comes to auto accidents. Researchers found that 5% of all the vehicles included in their study experienced tire problems prior to crashing.

When you notice the tread beginning to thin on your car's tires, replacing them could help you avoid a serious accident that will lead to extensive collision repairs in the future.

When you take the time to carefully maintain your vehicle, you can avoid the types of accidents that require major collision repair. This frees you up to spend money on minor collision repairs like paint touch-ups and dent removal without breaking the bank. If you do need to get your car repaired, though, contact a service like Lombard Body & Fender Inc.