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cashing in on used cars

Faqs About Custom Hydrographics For Cars

by Lorenzo Lambert

Customizing your car can help it to not only stand out from others, but in some cases, it can add value. One method of customizing your car is to add hydrographics. If you are thinking of getting custom hydrographics, here is what you need to know.

What Are Custom Hydrographics?

Hydrographics is a relatively new process of transferring print to cars. The car's exterior is soaked with water and a printed film is affixed to it. The print is soaked with water once more and then a coat of clear paint is applied. The result is a smooth decorative finish to your car that does not require all of the hassle that sometimes comes with manually painting a car.

You can opt for a high gloss, satin, or flat coating on your car. The finished product is scratch and UV resistant, which ensures that your print lasts for a considerable amount of time.

Hydrographics are thought to be a more economical alternative to other printing methods, such as wraps. You can obtain an estimate before agreeing to the print.

How Do You Prepare Your Car?

If you do decide to get a custom hydrographic print on your car, there is very little prep work that you must do. At the most, wash your car to give the technician a clean work surface. Any other prep work is handled by the technician before the hydrographic is applied.

Are There Limitations to Hydrographics?

There are very few limitations on which surfaces the hydrographics can be applied. Rubber parts of the vehicle, such as the tires, cannot have the print. Technicians rely on tanks in which to dip the items to be printed. It is because of this, the exterior finishes of your car will need to be removed so they can be properly soaked in water.

Depending on the auto body shop you use, there might be a limitation on which prints are available. For instance, if you want to replicate the interior wood grain pattern on your car on the exterior, the shop may or may not be able to accomplish this. In some instances, the shop can obtain the paint combinations used to create the pattern and customize a print to match.

Consult with an auto body technician who specializes in custom hydrographics to learn more about the process and to get help with selecting a print for your car.