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cashing in on used cars

Three Things You Can Do With Custom Car Wraps Besides Make Your Road Vehicle Look Pretty

by Lorenzo Lambert

Custom car wraps are decorative applications for your vehicle. They can transform a sports car into a hot muscle car, or make your "punch buggy" hippy-chic. However, there are lots of other things that custom car wraps can do too, and they go beyond making your road vehicle pretty.

Advertisments You Can Remove and Change at Will

If you use your vehicle as a moving advertisement, you can put your business information right on the side or back of the vehicle. Wraps can be made for any type of car, truck or SUV, and the print on them can be as large and in charge as you want. If you also want a "trademark font" for your car wrap, that is easily printed onto your wraps as well. Better still, anytime you need to change the information, say, your telephone number or email address, you can reprint the same custom wrap but just change the information. Most of the companies that offer car wrap services keep your custom wrap info and style on file in case you want to print duplicates or make changes.

Camouflage Your Vehicle

If you like to hunt, you can camouflage your vehicle with a car wrap. In doing so, you will no longer need a tree stand; you can shoot from inside your camouflaged vehicle. Want "urban camouflage"? You can get a wrap that does that, too (make your vehicle look like brick buildings and such).

Apply Car Wraps to Watercraft

Most people do not realize that car wraps are not limited to cars and trucks. Wraps can be applied to any plastic, metal or fiberglass surface. If you have a boat that is a bit "plain Jane," then you can customize and purchase a wrap for the hull of your boat. Customers who choose this option often select duck hunting camouflage or blue water camouflage to fool fish into swimming up to the boat. However, as with the road vehicle wraps, you can choose whatever you like to make a boat wrap, including hot rod flames, sharks, etc.

Changing Your Wrap Is Similar to Changing Your Mind

You never have to purchase the first wrap design you create (or that the company creates for you). You can change it as often as you like before settling on and purchasing the one you want. In fact, some companies even offer online design galleries to give you ideas and allow you to post your designs so you can see it side by side with others. In the event that you purchase a car (or boat!) wrap, apply it to your vehicle, and change your mind weeks or months down the road, you may be able to get a refund or exchange it for something else. Custom car wraps are easily applied and easily removed, so changing them is very similar to changing one's mind.