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cashing in on used cars

Answering Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Auto Body Repairs

by Lorenzo Lambert

If your car has been unfortunate enough to suffer body damage, you may be feeling a tremendous sense of stress about getting it repaired. Often, much of this stress comes from a lack of knowledge about the auto body repair process. After you learn the following answers for some commonly asked questions, you should have a much better understanding about repairing damages to your car's body.    

Will The Repairs Be Covered If The Other Driver Did Not Have Insurance?

Paying for repairs to your car's body can be expensive, and while insurance will usually cover these repairs, there are some important limitations that you must know about. There are many drivers that only carry liability insurance on their cars, and this type of insurance will usually only pay for damages that you cause to other cars or pedestrians. Unfortunately, this type of insurance will not cover damages to your own car, and this means that you will be liable for the full cost of repairs if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver. 

By opting for a comprehensive insurance policy, you will be covered from damages to your car as well as any damages you cause other drivers. As a result, if you have a comprehensive insurance policy, the auto body repairs caused by an uninsured driver will be covered, and you will only need to meet your deductible. 

Do Hail Damage Repairs Always Require The Damaged Portions Of The Exterior To Be Removed?

Hail damage is another common type of auto body damage that you will likely need to have repaired at some point during your life. Unfortunately, there are many drivers that will delay having hail damage repaired because they are concerned that it will be extremely expensive due to replacing large sections of the car's exterior. 

Luckily, it is often unnecessary to replace these segments of the car's body. This is due to the development of paintless dent repair. These systems use a tool with a strong suction cup that can pull out the small dents that hail stones cause. 

Auto body damage is a problem that you are all but guaranteed to encounter at some point over the time you own a car. However, these repairs are often misunderstood by people, but understanding how your insurance policy will cover damage from uninsured drivers and the options for repairing hail damage will help you to go through this repair process with a sense of confidence. 

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