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cashing in on used cars

Tips On Keeping Your Vehicle's Paint Job In Good Condition This Summer

by Lorenzo Lambert

Summer is often a time when car owners love to take a joyride down the highway. It can be nice to put the windows down, enjoy the warm breeze and just see where the day takes you. Summer may not seem like it poses as many dangers to your vehicle as the icy chill of winter, but there are still some dangers you will want to keep in mind if you want to avoid having to take your vehicle to an auto body paint shop for repairs at season's end. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to protect your vehicle's pant job this summer.

Beware of Parking Near Trees

Normally when people think of something falling on their car from a tree, they think of falling leaves in October or November. But parking on the side of a street under a tree during the summer could be a bad idea. Tree sap can very quickly and easily cause a stain on your car's paint job if you don't keep an eye out for it. You're also not likely to notice just a couple of drops until it's too late. If you must park underneath a tree, inspect your vehicle afterward for signs of sap.

Wash Your Car After That Drive By the Ocean

Normally when someone thinks of salt damaging their car's exterior, they are thinking of the salt that gets put on icy roads during the winter. But the salty air of the ocean can be just as damaging. If you go on a vacation with your vehicle and spend a good amount of time down by the ocean boardwalk, that ocean breeze you feel is going to leave salty moisture all over your vehicle. If you keep your vehicle by saltwater for any significant length of time, wash your car on a regular basis before any permanent damage can be done.

Protection From The Sun

You wouldn't go outside to the beach or swimming pool without putting suntan lotion on, so why do you leave your car sitting outside under the same conditions. Make an attempt to park your car indoors in a garage or other parking structure to shade it from the sun's rays. If you must park it outside for significant length of time, there are car covers you can buy that will shield your paint job from the UV rays. This also has the added benefit of helping to keep the inside of your car cool for when you return.

If you do need your paint job repaired, contact Collision-One, Inc. or a similar company.