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cashing in on used cars

Tips for Backing Up a Travel Trailer or RV without Causing Damage

by Lorenzo Lambert

If you are new to driving an RV or pulling a travel trailer, you will likely struggle to back the RV or trailer into campsites and parking areas. During the learning process, you are bound to hit a few things and damage the RV or trailer. Luckily, the damage that you do while learning can be repaired, and you can improve your backing-up techniques. Below, you will find some tips that can help you back the RV or travel trailer into place without causing any further damage.

Check Out the Site

Before you drive your RV through the campground, take a walk to the site where you will be parking and examine it to ensure that it is relatively level, that the water hookups work, and that the electricity outlet looks to be in good condition.

If the campground has a fire ring, picnic table, trash can or other movable objects around the lot that could get in your way, move them to the side until you get your RV or trailer parked.

Back in the RV or Trailer

Now that you know the site is in good condition, return to your RV or trailer and drive to the site. If possible, approach in the direction that puts the driver's side towards the site. It is far easier to back your RV or trailer into the spot if you are backing in from the driver's side because you will have a better view of what you are doing.

The mirrors on both sides of your RV or vehicle will play a big role in how successful you are at parking the RV or trailer. Watch the mirrors as you back into place, watching for any obstacles and determining the positioning of the RV or trailer.


  •  If you haven't already, spend a little money on convex side mirrors. This type of mirror will give you a wider view of the surroundings and make it a little easier to judge where the RV or trailer is going.
  • Have an adult stand behind your RV or trailer and guide you into the spot. Many times, you can get help from a camp ground employee or a fellow RV owner. Someone with experience can give you detailed instructions about which way to turn the wheel and maneuver in place.
  •  If you are working by yourself to park, you may want to use some flags, ribbons, or cones to mark the spot and give you a good idea of whether you are going beyond the parking spot.

If you have previously damaged the RV or trailer, try not to worry too much about it. Repairs can be made, and parking one of these large units can take quite a bit of practice to perfect, even for experienced drivers. To find a good RV body repair service, consider checking this website: http://autobodyomaha.com.